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Luxury vacation rental villa Morocco

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Morocco is not called a cold country with a hot sun for nothing - temperature can vary dramatically between night and day, depending on the season and the region. In summer the beaches will be hot but crowded, and on the Altantic side the sky is very often overcast. The coast is temperate all year round, but the resorts will feel cool out of season. The summer months are excellent for visiting the High and Middle Atlas Mountains, but cities like Fes and Marrakech can be unbearably hot. The best time to visit the south and the Sahara region is in winter, from October to Februay, as the summer temprature here can easily soar to more than 45ºC (113ºF). For a general tour of Morocco the best peridods are March to May and September to October, when it's cooler and there is less chance of rain. Coastal areas are busiest in summer, while Marrakech is now busy almost all year round, and particularly during the school holidays.


A luxury vacation rental villa Morocco is not everyones cup of tea! Lets look at other holiday accommodations such as hotels, riads, (yes, we will explain what those are!) youth hostels, camping and mountain refuges.


Moroccan hotels are usually either classified, with tourist board star-ratings, or unclassified, less expensive places with very few comforts. Morocco has been criticised for not using international ratings for its hotels. But, although in the past many of its five star hotels were not up to standard, they now have improved services and amenities. Many new hotels are being built, and medinas all over the country but in Marrakech in particular have excellent riad hotels.

*Riad literally means an enclosed garden, but now also refers to the house it surrounds. Most rooms overlook the garden and may only have small windows facing the outside of the building. Riads once housed extended families, each with their own apartment. These structures have been converted into small, often luxurious hotels in the heart of the medina.

Morocco has a fair number of luxurious palace hotels, as well as numerous well-kept and friendly budget hotels, but the middle categories can be quite grim.


For an authentic Moroccan experience, the best place to stay is a riad. Riads are smaller and more intimate than ordinary hotels, with only a few rooms, usually centred around a tranquil, leafy courtyard, often just a step away form the exotic markets and intriguing alleys of the medina. It is a great way to experience Morocco, and it is often possible to arrange home-cooked dinner as well. Prices vary from budget to very expensive.

Youth Hostels

Morocco has eleven quite well run and clean yoth hostels (Auberges de Jeunesse) in the major cities. A membership card is not required, although members get a reduced rate. Prices range from about 25 to 50 dh per person per night in a dormitory.

Information is available from Fédération Royale Marocaine des Auberges de Jeuness, 6 place de l'Amiral Phillibert, Casablanca. TF: (022) 22 05 51
Fax: (022) 22 67 77


There are very basic and inexpensive (about 10 - 20 dh per person) campsites (muhayyem in Arabic) in all major cities and along the coast. Most have fairly rudimentary washing and lavatory facilities, but a few are well kept and some better quality sites even have swimming pools. Camping outside sites is not illegal, but it is not advisable unless you are looking for adventure!

Mountain Refuges

Walkers can stay at the many refuges in the mountains for 15-50 dh per persona per night. Lists are available from Moroccan tourist offices or from Club Alpin Français BP 6178 Casablanca TF: (022)27 00 90
Fax: (022) 29 72 92

For more general information:

Moroccan tourist office:

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