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Why choose Alcudia Smir?

Alcudia Smir - Off plan properties due summer 2008


Alcudir Smir is just a ten minute drive from Ceuta.
The ferry from Spain to Morocco only takes 35 minutes.
Tetuan is only 20 km away, and Tangier 50km.
A flight takes approximately three hours from the UK.
The resort is close to Marina Smir, on the new Golden Mile of Morocco.


Beach-front villas and apartments.
Beautiful landscaping
Communal pools
Gorgeious views to sea and/or mountains
Private parking.

Resort facilities:

Adjacent golf course planned
Other golf courses nearby
4 star hotel planned on-site


The master agents and promoters of Aludia Smir have offices in the UK, Dubai, Cape Verde, India, Ireland, Spain and of course Morocco.
From the Tangiers’ office, they are in the privileged position to be situated in the region, giving them valuable local market knowledge.
The legal team make sure that the product sold complys with international standards.
The payment plans are designed to be competitive and bring an added level of security to customers.

The new Golden Mile of Morocco. Top quality houses for sale in Morocco

This development lies in the area in the region of Smir, whose Roman name was Tamuda bay. For many years it has been the holiday resort of Moroccan royalty and the well-to-do. It lies in the calm waters of the Mediterranean coast very near to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta and the city of Tetouan. The region has been home to Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Berbers and most recently the Spanish whose colonial name for the nearby town was El Rincon. This gives the area a very Mediterranean feel with an interesting European-Arabian flavour. Since the 1970’s and until a few years ago, the region suffered from chronic underdevelopment, now there is a major drive by the government to bring the region up to the levels of its European Mediterranean cousins.
This includes :

New motorways
Upgrading airports
Redeveloping railroads links
Redeveloping whole towns
Cleaning of the beaches
Building luxury tourist resorts
Creation of direct and indirect employment
Sustainable low density tourism
Golf courses and family based attractions

The promotion is reachable from the ferry ports of Tangier and Ceuta and from the international airports of Tangier and Tetouan.

The new nearby Tanger Med port is creating demand from the international expatriate community that need a place to live. The population of Ceuta are also creating a rental demand as a holiday destination.

This added to the growth in tourism from Northern Europe, Spain and France as well as local Moroccans means that during the summer occupancy rates are 100%.

Marrakech, Agadir or Saidia do not have the uniqueness of quality, exclusivity, value for money and strategic location that Alcudia Smir can offer.

Morocco’s tourism industry is already booming, and is poised to really take off as the vision 2010 plans come to fruition – Alcudia Smir, and its surroundings, being dubbed as the Golden Mile, will undoubtedly stand out as the most exclusive area, the most advantageously placed, and the most profitable of all regions.

Prices are currently at least 10 % below market value, but are selling very quickly. The five penthouses and AP1 is completely sold out.

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