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Morocco Investment Property

'Morocco Investment property' - is it a good idea? We have been asked that question a lot over the last few months.

Here we give you our top ten reasons and keyfacts for investing in Morocco.

Morocco provides property investors with an outstanding opportunity to purchase luxury property at low prices in a market experiencing exceptional growth due to a massive government backed initiative. Intelligent property investors are getting into Morocco early to ensure their investment has maximum time to grow.

Morocco Investment Keyfacts;

Investment Area: Mediterrania Saidia, Tangier / Tetouan, Casablanca, Asilah
Opportunity: Emerging market offering low entry investments in a growing property market. High capital growth and solid rental returns are expected.
Rental Potential: Yield - 8-10%
Finance: LTV: 70% Term: Up to 15 Years
Political: Constitutional Monarchy - Stable

Thanks to the vision and ambition of King Mohammed VI to modernise the country and develop its tourist industry, Morocco is now rapidly emerging as a property market with huge potential. In particular, the Mediterranean coastline around Tetouan is primed to boom as a tourist destination over the next two to three years, resulting in significant capital growth and increased rental income for investors with the vision to act now.

Our top ten reasons for investing in Morocco are:

1. Property Prices
(for morocco investment property)

Morocco is recognised as an emerging property market, a perfect time to invest as property prices are at a low and appear to rise as the Moroccan property market and supporting infrastructure develops. Finest, beach front apartments in elite resorts are available for a fraction of the cost of equivalent properties along the Spanish coast just 35km away. Average prices are currently around 50% to 70% cheaper than other Europe holiday property markets.

2. Massive Governmental and Foreign Investment

The Moroccan government is currently spending over $12.2 billion dollars developing Morocco’s tourism industry and its supporting infrastructure. From major new road and rail links and massive airport upgrades
to modernise port facilities and a tunnel linking Morocco to Spain via the Straits of Gibraltar. King Mohammad VI has created a huge project to invest massive funds into Morocco with the initial aim at increasing tourism.

3. Booming Tourism Industry (good for morocco investment property)

In 2001 King Mohammed VI launched his ambitious Vision 2010 plan to bring 10 million tourists to Morocco every year. That year (2001) saw 2.5 million tourists, by 2003 that figure had risen to 4.3 million, in 2005 they hit 5.8 million and have reached 6.8 million by the end of 2006.

4. Investment Potential

Investors are currently experiencing excellent capital appreciation of anywhere between 15% and 35% p.a. on quality coastal properties - depending on location. With beach front properties and luxury villas in exclusive Moroccan Mediterranean resorts available for around a half of equivalent Spanish property prices, the potential for capital growth is extensive. Good rental yields of around 8% p.a. are also currently being experienced, although these are expected to rise considerably as the tourist industry matures over the next two to three years.

5. Stable Economy (for morocco investment property)

Morocco is enjoying a stable economy, which has experienced continuous growth over the last 50 years. Current GDP per capita is growing at a sustainable 6.8%, aided by the Government’s liberal economic policy and important free trade agreements such as the Euro-Mediterranean agreement with the EU-Morocco Free Trade Agreement which came into force in January 2006.

6. Build Quality (for morocco investment property)

Unlike many emerging property markets, which have suffered from poor build quality problems, the construction standards in Morocco are excellent and comparable to those in Spain and France, where the bulk of Morocco‘s tourists and foreign property owners originate from.

7. Favourable Tax Laws
(for morocco investment property)

The Moroccan Government has removed all impediments to foreign land and property ownership and is courting property investors with extremely favourable tax laws. The first 5 years of rental income is completely exempt from tax. Capital gains tax is payable on a sliding scale:

20% of the net profit if you sell within the first 8 years.
Exempt if you hold the principal property for 8 years.
0% income from rent for 5 years for non-resident.
0% Urban tax; 0% garbage collection for 5 years.
There is no inheritance tax on properties passed on to family members.
Proceeds of property sales can be fully repatriated.

8. Natural factors (for morocco investment property)

Morocco is a country that really does offer an array of environments to explore. Whether it be, the unspoilt, peaceful coastlines, or the mountain and deserts, or even the many interesting towns that provide a westerner a taste of cultural diversity, Morocco is full of opportunities to be experienced by tourists. For potential investors it is reassuring to know that the government is making an effort to ensure that developments keep
in harmony within the surroundings.
North Morocco also provides a more Mediterranean lifestyle than the rest of the country, especially Tangiers where it was once an official international city, formerly governed by Britain, Spain, Italy, Germany, America, Portugal and France. This is reflected in the area as many Spanish and French influences can be seen in everyday life.

9. Excellent Climate
(for morocco investment property)

Not surprisingly, being just 14 km away, the climate on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast is very similar to that of Spain’s with more than 300 days of sunshine. Temperatures are consistent throughout the year, rarely exceeding 35°C during the summer or falling below 10°C in the winter, when an average of 18°C is normal. Unlike Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast, it doesn’t get cold at night.

10. Low cost of living (for morocco investment property)

The cost of living in Morocco has been likened to that of Spain in the 1980’s, but with everything the well heeled tourist would expect readily on hand, including the finest Arabic, Spanish and French cuisine.

Local Beer: €0.90 a glass
Petrol: €0.95 per litre
Tea & coffee: €0.45
Taxi: €3.00 for five miles
Food: Three course meal in a good restaurant: €12.00 - €18.00

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Morocco's Golden Mile - Alcudia Smir
Extremely appealing investment option
in Morocco.
Prices between
980€ - 1280 € m2

Alcudia Smir showroom

New beach resort - Morocco
Very economical off plan development
close by
'Marina Smir'.

Alcudia Smir ground

Invest in Morocco
The holiday resort of Moroccan royalty. On the Mediterranean coast very near to Ceuta, Tanger and Tetuan.

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