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The spanish weather is different throughout the country because of the diverse geography of Spain. Continental, maritime, and mediterranean climate is found in different regions of Peninsular Spain. In the continental type of climate, there is a wide diurnal and seasonal variation in temperature.The rainfall is also irregular, the annual rainfall reaches up to thirty to sixty-four centimetres. The winters are cold and bring strong winds and high humidity along with low precipitations. The northern part of Spain experiences maritime climate. This area includes the Pyrenees and extends to the northwest region. Maritime climate is characterized by relatively mild winters, warm summers along with abundant rainfall spread throughout the year.

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The area from the Andalusia Plain to the Pyrenees experiences mediterranean climate. This area receives very little rainfall compared to the rest of Spain. The temperature in areas experiencing mediterranean climate is usually higher in both summer and winter.

The temperature in Spain varies according to season and area. The areas near the sea have moderating effects. Distance from the sea has an effect on the rainfall. The areas far from the sea particularly in east receive less rainfall. July is the driest month in Spain.

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