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Spain flag

Spain flag

Spain flag

In 1981 the eagle disappeared from the Spanish national flag, leaving the current red/yellow/red with crowned arms (greatly simplified, including a small oval in the center with three fleurs-de-lis). The crowned pillars flank the shield. Spain flag

Nick Artimovich , 10 April 1996

The basic design was one of twelve preselected in 1785 for a new war ensign , as King Charles III wanted to further differentiate the Spanish war ensign (up to then plain white with the Spanish arms in the centre) from those of other European countries (mainly Bourbon-ruled ones as France

Parma, Tuscany or Two Sicilies but also the British white ensign), in order to avoid confusion at sea. Spain flag

Santiago Dotor , 26 May 1999

The current flag (with varying arms) was historically:

  • War Ensign by Royal Decree of May 25th 1785;
  • Flag for Navy buildings (harbours, maritime outposts...) by the General Navy Regulations 1793; Spain flag
  • State and War Flag and Ensign by Royal Decree of October 13th 1843;
  • State and War Flag (including civil use) and Ensign by Decree July 27th 1938 ;
  • National flag 1977 ; Spain flag
  • National flag (with the current arms) 1981.

Santiago Dotor , 26 May 1999 Spain flag

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