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Search Spain in English helps, if you are living in Spain!

So, you finally got here! Either you've rented or bought a house, but either way you'll really need to SEARCH SPAIN IN ENGLISH now!

Let's go through what it takes to get settled. I've been through everything before so I'll show you step by step of the way, how to make life easier!

I'll talk about the cost of living in Spain. I'll tell you how to register as a resident, open a bank account, pay bills, establish basic connections to telephone, water, electricity, gas etc. Talk about having babies here, getting the children places in nursery, then in school. You'll find articles on where to shop and where to go out. I'll explain how to work here, suggest the best way to learn the lingo. Talk about retirement, how to make a will and finally death in Spain. Then inheritance tax, fiscal representatives and interpreters. As I think of more I'll add more.

If you have any suggestions of what you would like me to tell you about, just contact me.

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In relations between property owners there are basically three main problems.

Water and Electricity connections

Organize your finances

InheritanceTax in Spain


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