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Latest English films on the Costa del Sol

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If you are English speaking and looking for any information to do with Spain then you have come to the right place! My name is Michelle and I moved to Spain when I was twenty, so I have now lived half my life here. I got married to a Spanish man, learnt the lingo, got a house and a car, found health insurance, somebody to help with the paperwork, had children, found nurseries, then schools, English food, a sky tv installer, a mecanic for the car, and a painter!

I know how difficult it can be, believe me! I will tell you everything I know following my own personal experience. In October 2006, I decided to make an informative website of independent, unbiased information for the English speaking community to be able to search for things in Spain in English!

As you can see I have the most handy tools available right here. A text translator, the weather, a currency converter, a unit converter, the radio in English from Spain, the news about Spain and the times and cinemas you can see English films. Search Spain In English

I have subdivided the site into sections. Looking at the navigation bar along the top you will see the home button.That brings you back to this page with all the useful tools. After that you will see; Search Spain In English

A list Services Here I recommend the best Professional English Speaking A List Services in Spain for your home, family, garden and car. If you have an English speaking business in Spain and would like to advertise your services, you will benefit from our web visitors.

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All about Spain covers general information about Spain, the map, the weather conditions, the food, the flag, the currency, the language and recommended reading about Spain. (Students may duplicate this information as long as a live link is left at the bottom of the text crediting this site).

Area guides These area guides cover the Costa del Sol. It's where I live and what I know! I may venture further afield in the future depending on how much homework I do with the kids! Search Spain In English

Plan your move This section is for people who are thinking of moving to Spain or moving house within Spain. It offers unbiased information when buying a property in Spain, looking for the best mortgage, an independent lawyer or a sworn translator for your official documents. Here you can ask for advice choosing the best real estate agent.

Living in Spain This section is for Expats! Which cinema and when can you see English films along the Costa del Sol. Articles about the water, different contracts, even advice if you have a dispute with the neighbour over boundries or barking dogs! Recommended advisory/interpreter services if you need to go and see the doctor or the school teacher and anything needed whilst living in Spain from how to aquire the NIE (foreign tax identification number) to setting up a telephone/internet connection.

Driving in Spain Here you can find articles which deal with all motor vehicles, driving licenses, vehicle tax, government grants, MOT, motor insurance, traffic fines and a list of useful vocabulary in Spanish. We'll also talk about car registration specialists, bodywork and mechanical services plus you can sell your car, motorbike car or anything related right here for FREE. Search Spain In English

Book Shop Now you can look for all your books about Spain in English online and have them delivered straight to your front door thanks to Amazon.

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Latest English films on the Costa del Sol

English cinema Spain

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