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Buying Investment Property

As we all know, the Spanish property boom for buying investment property is at its end. Though it is still possible to make money on the Spanish property market, the good old days of earning fortunes in a few years are over.

Nowadays, you have to invest elsewhere to get the same return as properties in Spain have given during the big property boom. If making money is more important for you than the Spanish sun, buying property for investment on emerging markets like Morocco, Germany, Poland, France and Hungary can be a very good option.

The property investment market in many Western European countries has – just like in Spain – undergone a big change in the last 10 years. Many investors have realised that buying investment property in their home countries is no longer promising the high returns of the past.
This is due to the maturity of these local markets, providing less growth potential and lower rental yields. Many investors have benefited from high returns on properties purchased in the late 1980's, 90's and the turn of the 21st century.

Due to the deceleration of the housing boom in many countries, prices are starting to stabilize in these areas and investors are now approaching new territories in pursuit of high yield investments. If you want to be ahead of the market, buying property in "up and coming" investment areas might be just the right thing for you.

Buying property overseas can be extremely lucrative; therefore it is important to know that your investment is secure. In Spain at the moment, investors groups, real estate investors, business investors and even private investors are keeping a sharp eye open for Bank Repossessed properties. If you are interested in the latest lists, see Bank Repossessions Spain.

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