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A guide to buying beach front property in Spain.


For new purchasers, the great dream is buying beach front property. A house or an apartment as close to the beach as possible, is the ultimate luxury.

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We can see this reflected in the advertisements for properties in Spain, in which proximity to the beach is often used as a big selling point.

For short holidays, when you want to use every minute of the day lying on the beach or swimming in the sea, buying beach front property might be a good thing. But if you want to stay for extended periods, it might not be the best solution.

The beaches tend to be overcrowded during the summer periods. There is so much noise and smell from the restaurants and beach kiosks. Often in summer you will find no parking space for your car and will end up having to leave it a couple of hundred metres from your dwelling. Moreover, during the winter, places near the beaches can be more humid, which can be damaging to your home, to your car and to yourself.

Many foreigners who buy their first property near the beach sell it after a few years and move inland and a bit higher up. There, they are rid of the crowds, the noise, the smells and the humidity.

It can be a good idea to start by buying a small and not too expensive property to see if you really would like to stay permanently. If you buy wisely the first time, you might even reap a profit to finance your second and final purchase.

Coastal Property

You must also avoid the ghost urbanisations! There are even a few ‘ghost towns’ to avoid as well. These ghost places are developments designed for all-the-year-round-living but bought and used only, or mostly, by people who only come for holidays. You might buy a house among a hundred others or an apartment among a thousand others and end up sitting there almost alone for most of the year. And then what happens? The swimming pool is closed, and one by one the shops and bars close. Maybe the buses stop coming and no more taxis wait at the rank. When the electricity fails or the water pumps go on strike there is no rush to put things right when only one or two residents are there. You will probably feel like moving out yourself and leaving it to the ghosts!

So if you are thinking of buying beach front property in an existing community, visit the property at the time of year when you will want to be living there. If it is a new development, you have no way of being sure that the public transport being promised will even operate. If you are without private transport, this could be a serious drawback for you.>

Of course, one way to avoid the problems of the ‘ghost urbanisation’ is to put yourself right in the middle of a district which is populated predominantly by Spanish people. In these areas, people often look after each other as they used to do in Britain.

We are not telling you all this to put you off buying beach front property, we just want to make your aware of the fact that a house on the beach isn’t for everybody.

Follow our advice, and you will never go wrong.

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