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As I visit the little towns in the province of Málaga, I will add my adventures to the list. Videos, pictures, timetable of events etc., as well as my personal opinion to whether or not it is worth returning to next year! If you have pictures of an account of your day at any particular festival, you can add it to!

Click a town to see my visit to;

Here is a list of the up and coming local fairs, festivals, and religious ceremonies. A lot of them offer free 'paella' (spanish rice dish with shellfish or/and pork) of food tasting as well as beer, cocacola or Sangria to wash it all down with! You can also click on a month to find out what you can do at any specific time. Festivals Malaga.


Forthcoming events Festivals Malaga.

This November: Special notice Festivals Malaga.


If you would like to go to any of the Malaga festivals mentioned below, there is a group of people, interested in fairs, festivals and traditions that meet at the main post office in Málaga ( Edificio de Correos de Avenida de Andalucía ) at 10 am on the appointed day. Non-smokers welcome! Your language, race, age or sex doesn't matter! You can contact the group organizers directly by email here. Don't worry if you don't know them, it happened to them the first time to! You can also subscribe to their Spanish email updates, informing you of outings here >>>

January Festivals Festivals Malaga.

Date - Name of Festival - Name of town

13 Saint Antón Maro-NERJA
13 Saint Hilario COMARES
18 Saint Antón SEDELLA
20 Saint Sebastián ALCAUCÍN
20 Saint Sebastián ALGARROBO
20 Saint Sebastián BENAMARGOSA
25 Saint Antón SALARES
26 Local Fair CÓMPETA

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February Festivals Festivals Malaga.

1st Sunday - Virgen of the Candelaria COLMENAR
1st Sunday - Carnavales VÉLEZ-MÁLAGA
2nd weekend Saint Antonio ÁRCHEZ
19-23 Carnaval NERJA

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 March Festivals Festivals Malaga.

18-20 Fair - CÁJIZ
19 Saint José - TRIANA
19 Romería and free paella CHILCHES
2nd half of the month - Aceite - PERIANA

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 April Festivals Festivals Malaga.

Saint Gabriel - EL BORGE
11 Virgen de los Dolores - IZNATE
13-20 Easter festivities- VÉLEZ-MÁLAGA
16 International day of the foreigner! - TORREMOLINOS
18-19 El paso (story of Jesus) RIOGORDO
2nd half of the month - Countryside party - BENAMARGOSA
2nd half of the month - Day of the black pudding - CANILLAS DE ACEITUNO
2nd half of the month - Fair of the asparragus- SIERRA DE YEGUAS
20 Procession and paella IZNATE
25 Saint Marcos EL BORGE
25 Gastronomic day in MOCLINEJO
Last Sunday- Virgen de la Cabeza - Day of the black pudding - CANILLAS DE ALBAIDA
Last weekend of the month - Farmers festival - MOCLINEJO

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 Festivals in May Festivals Malaga.
1st weekend - Holy Christ of the green flag - ALMÁCHAR
1st weekend - Festival of the snack - RINCÓN DE LA VICTORIA
1st Sunday     Romería in Almayate.     VÉLEZ-MÁLAGA
3 Day of the Holy Cross and snacks - FRIGILIANA
3 Fair in honour of the Holy Cross - VÉLEZ-MÁLAGA
4 Festival of the Níspero fruit - SAYALONGA
15 Festival de Saint Isidro - ALFARNATE
15 Festival de Saint Isidro - ALFARNATEJO
1st half of the month - Festival de la Naranja - COÍN
2nd half of the month - Snails - RIOGORDO
18 Romerías in Vélez-Málaga and Torre del Mar - VELEZ-MÁLAGA
20 Festival Saint Sebastián - FRIGILIANA
14-15 Romería - NERJA
14-18 Saint Isidro - PERIANA
17-18 Saint Isidro - BENAMOCARRA
27-29 Fair of farm animals - RIOGORDO
Last weekend - Fair in honour of the 'Virgen del Rosario' and free paella - TOTALÁN

 Festivals in June Festivals Malaga.

1st half of the month - Day of the fish - TORREMOLINOS
1 Festival of the snail - RIOGORDO
13 Saint Antonio - ALFARNATE
13 Pedalling day - ARENAS
13 Saint Antonio and the battle of the Rock - FRIGILIANA
13-14 Saint Antonio - IZNATE
29 Saint Pedro Corumbela - SAYALONGA
22-24 Fair of Triana. VELEZ-MÁLAGA
23 Saint Juan. Burriana beach. NERJA - Free tasting of sardines cooked on a stick over a fire on the beach and free beer.
23 Saint Juan - MÁLAGA
23 Saint Juan - SALARES
23 Saint Juan - VELEZ-MÁLAGA
27-29 Fair of Almayate - VELEZ-MÁLAGA
27-30 Fair - ARRIATE

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 Festivals of July Festivals Malaga.

Folk Festival (Algarrobo Costa). ALGARROBO
16th 'Virgen del Carmen' - RINCÓN DE LA VICTORIA - (Holy Mary of the sea)
2nd week Fair Port in Axarquía - VELEZ-MÁLAGA
Sunday free tasting of sardines 2ª  semana - ALOZAINA
Sunday free tasting of the soup "sopa hervía"
8-16 Fair El Palo - MÁLAGA
1st half of the month - Los Gómez - VIÑUELA
4-6 Fair Caleta de Vélez - VELEZ-MÁLAGA
14 Festival del Corpus. ÁRCHEZ
16 Sea procession, Virgen del Cármen. NERJA
16-20 Veladilla del Carmen - VELEZ-MÁLAGA
18-20 Fair - SAYALONGA
23-27 Fair of Torre del Mar. VELEZ-MÁLAGA
24-27 Fair - CÓMPETA
25-27 Fair - MOCLINEJO
26-27 Saint Ana. SALARES
27-29 Festival of the bridge Don Manuel. ALCAUCÍN
Last weekend Fair - ALMÁCHAR
Last weekend Fair - MARCHARAVIAYA
Last weekend Festival of the Cave of Nerja. NERJA
Last weekend Virgen de las Angustias. VIÑUELA

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 Festivals in August Festivals Malaga.

1st half of the month - Festival of the white garlic - ALMÁCHAR
1-3 Festival in honour of Our Lady of Hope. SEDELLA
1st weekend -  Festival of the cold soup 'Gazpacho' with free tasting - ALFARNATEJO
5 Festival in honour of the Virgen of the Snow and Saint Roque, together with the Festival of Choirs and International Dances. TORROX
1st weekend Fair - ALGARROBO
1st weekend Fair - BENAMARGOSA
1st weekend Fair - CANILLAS DE ACEITUNO
1st Saturday - Festival de la grape 'Moscatel '- IZNATE
2nd weekend - Virgen de la Cabeza - CANILLAS DE ALBAIDA
8 Flamenco Festival - ALCAUCÍN
8-10 Fair - LAGOS
8-10 Fair - CHILCHES
15 Night of wine - CÓMPETA
15 Fair - EL MORCHE
15 Los Romanes - VIÑUELA
8-9 Fair - ÁRCHEZ
8-9 Fair - ARENAS
14-17 Fair - COLMENAR
14-17 Ntra. Sra. de Gracia - RIOGORDO
15-17 Fair of the peach , free tasting - PERIANA
22-24 Fair - MEZQUITILLA
22-24 Fair - COMARES
25-27 Fair - MOCLINEJO

Fair de Málaga normally 2nd and 3rd weeks

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 Festivals in September

1st half of the month - Festival of the 'manzanilla' olive- ALOZAINA
1st half of the month - Fair of viñeros - MOCLINEJO
6 Flamenco night - ALGARROBO
1st Saturday - Festival of the white garlic with free tasting - ALMÁCHAR
1st weekend Fair - MARO
1st weekend - Festival of the Vendimina - MANILVA
13 Day of the music and food tasting - BENAMOCARRA
13 The 'current and raisin' festival , free tasting - VIÑUELA
2nd half of the month - Fair of the Vendimia - MOLLINA
21 Day of the current and raisin, free tasting - EL BORGE
20-21 Festival de Andalusian samples - SALARES
3rd Saturday - Meeting of Pandas de verdiales - BENAGALBÓN
24-29 Fair - VELEZ-MÁLAGA
27-29 Fair - ALFARNATEJO

 Festivals in October
1st half of the month Fair - NERJA
2-5 Fair - TORROX
7 Our Holy Lady of the rosary - CANILLAS DE ACEITUNO
12 Fair of the mule - ARENAS
17-19 Holy Christ of health - BENAMOCARRA (Click to see my visit)
Breadcrumb dish in Alora, free tasting

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 Festivals in November

1 Festival of the chestnut, free tasting - ALCAUCÍN
2nd half of the month - Festival of grapejuice - ATAJATE

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 Festivals in December

1st weekend - Pastorales - MARCHARAVIAYA
14th Festival of Mosto (grape juice) and the Chacina, free tasting - COLMENAR
The Sunday before the Festival of the breadcrumbs dish before Christmas, free tasting - TORROX

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