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Top Search Engine Positions - Latest update (16th May 2009)

Here are the latest search engine positions. As we add more and more services to our Services Directory and submit them to the major search engines, more and more keywords are being spidered. Here we let you check out our latest results. By clicking on the keyword you will be taken to the search engine where you can check the position. (Remember that the 'Search Spain In English Portal' is on the Check the top of your browser!) These positions are as of 16th May 2009.

Note that as positions change daily, where I may say number 1 it could be number 2 tomorrow, and where I say Number 4 it could be number 2 the next day. However, positions are relatively close. If you see it as Nº 2 in the table, it will either be Nº 1, 3, 4 or 5, very unlikely to be number 11 on the second page.

Numbers are what SEO's love - Top search engine positions! Top 10 is excellent. Top 20 is very good and Top 30 is good. Not many people click on 'organic results' after the third page of a search engine. Organic results are the results that are not sponsored( like the advertisements you may see on the right when you search for something). Organic results are the 'main body' results and are much more powerful than sponsored results used by Adwords.

If you have a business related to any of the keywords below, already with powerful, organic, top search engine positions, you can still showcase your business for just 299 € a year. This offer is ending very soon, as it only applies to the first hundred sign ups.

Search Engine Position
Out of x results
A List Services In Spain
Google Nº 4
Out of 34,200,000 results
Featured Ad Holder
bouncy castles spain
Google Nº 12
Out of 44,700 results
business advisors spain
Google Nº 1
Out of 895,000 results
childrens parties spain Google Nº 1 Out of 144,000 results
computers digital spain
Google Nº 1
Out of 1,550,000 results
dentists and orthodontists spain
Google Nº 1
Out of 28,800 results
electricians spain
Google Nº 13
Out of 248,000 results
finance law Spain
Google Nº 10
Out of 6,660,000 results
Featured Ad Holder
flooring installation spain
Google Nº 3
Out of 7,910,000 results
garage doors spain
Google Nº 4
Out of 2,240,000 results
grills spain
Google Nº 3
Out of 621,000 results
heating and airconditioning spain
Google Nº 1
Out of 2,420,000 results
interior designers decorators spain
Google Nº 6
Out of 54,700 results
iron spain
Google Nº 4
Out of 13,600,00 results
Featured Ad Holder
joiners and carpenters spain
Google Nº 1
Out of 161,000 results
kitchens and bathrooms spain
Google Nº 1
Out of 104,000 results
plant hire spain
Google Nº 4
Out of 128,000 results
plumbers spain
Google Nº 7
Out of 353,000 results
septic tank installation spain
Google Nº 3
Out of 89,200 results
travel leisure spain
Google Nº 19
Out of 585,000 results
wellness spain
Google Nº 4
Out of 3,210,000 results

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