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Scuba Diving Spain

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Scuba Dive places - Costa del Sol or Scuba Diving Spain places

Marina Bay - 15m This excellent shallow dive is suitable for everyone, with lots of gulleys and swim-throughs, to take at your own pace, while surrounded by masses of marine life.

Marina Bay dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

Marina Wall - 18m You'll find lots of small caves on this dive, very common for Octopus and Squid (take a torch). You'll also see large shoals of Sardines, reflecting silver from the sun.

Marina wall dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

Punta de la Mona - 20m Having very colourful walls of soft coral and home to lots of Nudibranch, Blennys and Sea Horses makes this dive an excellent opportunity with underwater cameras.

Punta de la Mona dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

Cerro Gordo Cavern - 18m This large underwater cavern leads up to an air pocket which lets rays of sunlight in to brighten the beautiful colours of the coral lined walls. It is also the entrance to a cave system, guarded by a large Conger!

Cero Gordo Cavern dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

Tres Picos - 18m Three large rock formations with swim-through arches and tubes make this one of our most popular dives where you will always be surrounded by an abundance of life.

Tres Picos dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

Piedras Altos - 20-40m This excellent deep dive with ridge formations and shelves is home to some large octopus, as well as Sunfish and Grouper. There can be some current.

Piedras Altos dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

La Calita - 16m You'll find this sheltered bay has lots of hiding places for Congers, Morays, Cuttlefish and Triggerfish. An excellent dive for everyone.

La Calita dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

Faro Corner - 40m Leading away from La Calita, this deeper dive is more common for the larger species, including Mediterranean Grouper and Sunfish.

Faro Corner dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

Fragle Rock - 13-22m This small island in the centre of the bay is home to large Congers, Cuttlefish and Triggerfish. It also boasts some small wrecks, such as two cars and a fishing boat!

Fragle Rock dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

La Herradura wall - 30m A beautiful, large cove, which can be dived in either direction, depending on the current, which gives you the chance to relax and enjoy this drift dive!

La Herradura Wall dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain

Cerro Gordo - 18m This colourful dive has lots of swim-throughs and chimneys, which give a fantastic effect with the sunlight. Surrounded by Damselfish, this is an enjoyable dive for all levels.

Cerro Gordo dive site, Costa del Sol, Spain


Sunset Beach - 10m You will find this shallow dive very relaxing and excellent for families and entry level divers, with lots of rocks hiding octopus, scorpion fish and small crustaceans.

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Scuba Diving Spain

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